Hearth financing

What Problem Does Hearth Solve?

In the U.S., millions of people lack the tools to make smart financial decisions during remodels and renovations and home upgrades. According to Hearth, the consequences can be harmful to homeowners, as they’ll end up with too much debt, costly delays, and even foreclosure. Hearth believes that this a problem that deserves a solution.

Hearth helps homeowners make smart financial decisions about their renovations. They show homeowners how to craft an accurate budget for their remodels and allow them to be in control of the financing for their project, so they never feel overwhelmed or helpless.  The same thinking applies to any improvement you are making to your home that will help protect you and your family.

Fast and Efficient

Hearth allows you to see highly personalized rates for your home project in just 60 seconds, without affecting your credit score. After filling out some information, you’ll receive a number of different personal loans to choose from. You can decide which combination of loan amount, monthly payments and APR works best for you. While saving cash can take some time,  Hearth’s loans release funding fast.

Flexible and Accessible For All

Hearth’s loans typically feature both a 3-7 year repayment period and lower rates than credit cards. By using Hearth, our customers have the flexibility to complete home security projects in a timely manner, while still having plenty of breathing room to pay back their personal loan.

On top of this, personal loans have fixed rates and there is zero equity required to to qualify for a personal loan from Hearth.

Hearth’s Lending Partners 

Why We Choose Hearth Over Other Financing Options

Unlike other financing platforms, Hearth truly gives our customers the freedom to be able to choose the best options for them. After all, it is your home security we are talking about and we firmly believe that you shouldn’t be pigeonholed when it comes to improving your home to make it safer for you and your family.

We partner with Hearth because they share the same values as us, which is to treat clients fairly and with respect.

We Are Proud to Use Hearth

First of all, we love to use Hearth as a simple option for those homeowners who don’t have the cash on hand for their security goals but want to get started right away. We love that part of it.

But overall, we know what we like, and what our customers like, how easy it is to use Hearth. All the programs and information are available online. It also acts as an informational resource where customers can get all their financing questions answered.

Contractors and customers agree that Hearth is a reliable option when it comes to funding a home improvement project. At RAM Fire and Security Services, we look forward to continuing our partnership with this innovative financing platform for many years to come.